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B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply is a distributor of Celazole® PBI.


Celazole® PBI is a high performance imidized thermoplastic. Celazole® PBI chemical name is PolyBenzImidazole. 

Celazole® PBI is the highest performing engineering plastic currently available. Celazole® PBI offers the highest heat resistance. Celazole® PBI does not melt and it has mechanical property retention over 400°F (205°C) of any unfilled engineered plastic. Celazole® PBI has better wear resistance and load carrying capabilities at extreme temperatures than any other reinforced or unreinforced engineering plastic. Celazole® PBI is even capable of withstanding brief exposure to temperatures as high as 1400°F (760°C) and performs best in oxygen-free enviroments.

Celazole® PBI as an unreinforced material, Celazole® PBI is very clean in terms of ionic impurity and it does not outgas. These characteristics make Celazole® PBI very attractive to semiconductor manufacturers for vacuum chamber applications. Celazole® PBI has excellent ultrasonic transparency which makes it an ideal choice for parts such as probe tip lenses in ultrasonic measuring equipment. 

Celazole® PBI is also an excellent thermal insulator. Other plastics in the melting stage do not stick to Celazole® PBI. Celazole® PBI characteristics make it ideal for contact seals and insulator bushings in plastic production and molding equipment. 



  • Able to brief withstand exposure temperatures as high as 1400°F (760°C)

  • Best mechanical properties of any engineered plastic at high temps (400°F - 800°F) (204°C - 425°C)

  • Does not react with water

  • No noticeable changes in strength or appearance after 200 megarad exposure to Cobalt 60 gmma radiation (based on tests conducted in air room temperature)

  • Broadly resistant to hydrocarbons, alcohols, weak acids, weak bases, hydrogen sulfide, chlorinated solvents, oils, heat transfer fluids, and many other organic chemicals.

  • Performs better in harsh conditions than other high-performance materials including: PEI, PI, PAI, PEEK and PPS. 



  • Wafer retaining rings for gas plasma etching

  • Vacuum tips

  • Wafer carriers

  • Contact seals

  • Insulator bushings

  • Thermal and electrical isolators

  • Guide rollers

  • Aerospace applications

  • Wear plates 




Plates - standard sizes 5" x 10", 10" x 10", 12" x 12", 15" x 10.5", 18" x 12", 24" x 12"

in thickesses from 0.250" to 2.000"


Rods - diameters up to 8.0" and lengths from 0.250" to 6.000"; in diameters of 2.000" and below lengths up to 17.700" are avaliable


Tubes - avaliable OD (outer diameters) range from 3.000" to 16.500" with wall thickness up to 3.000" 


Disc - avaliable OD (outer diameters) range from 4.000" to 15.000" with wall thickness up to 3.000"


*** Custom mold sizes are also avaliable for specific applciations ***


Celazole® U-Series Products

U-60                Unfilled PBI

U-60 CF          25% Carbon Fiber Reinforced PBI

U-60 ESD       15% Carbon-Filled Electro-Static Dissipative PBI

U-60 EZM       Increased machinability PBI



Celazole® PBI is extremely hard and can be challenging to machine. Polycrystalline diamond tools are recommended when machining production quantities. Celazole® tends to be notch sensitive. Machining all corners should to a radius of (0.040”  minimum) and chamfer all edges to maximize part toughness. High tolerance machined components should be stored in sealed containers (polybags with desiccant) to avoid dimensional changes due to moisture absorption. Components rapidly exposed to temperatures above 400°F (205°C) should be “dried” prior to use or kept dry to avoid deformation from thermal shock.


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