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CINCHSEAL® 9100 Series Sanitary Seal

B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply distributes ChichSeal 9100 Series seals.


CinchSeal® has a newly accepted USDA rotary shaft split seal for the

meat & poultry industry.


The 9100 Series USDA Accepted Meat & Poultry Split seal is strictly for meat

and poultry customers who require certification. The seal is machined out of

stainless steel and all internal parts meet USDA standards for indirect food

contact. All seal parts are designed split to make installation and conversions

on mixing equipment a cinch.


  • USDA approved for meat & poultry.

  • No mechanical adjustments needed once installed.

  • Does not damage shafts like lip seals and packing.

  • Stops product leaks and eliminates house keeping issues.

  • Eliminates batch contamination from mechanical packing extruding back into product.

  • Machined from stainless steel to accommodate caustic washdowns.

  • Seal can easily be disassembled and assembled for wash downs between batches.

  • Seal installation requires no removal of bearings or drive units due to split design.


How the 9100 Series – Sanitary Seal Works

The heart of our USDA approved 9100 seal is our elastomer “boot” that is designed to create an interference fit on the shaft. This tight fit allows the elastomer to turn with the shaft and thereby eliminating shaft damage or wear. The elastomer “boot” seals the shaft and stops product from migrating past while also turning a series of mineral filled PTFE rotor cups. As the elastomer and rotor cups turn with the shaft they are compressed with the optimum amount of face pressure against a stationary face that we call stators. The rotating face against a stationary face is what creates the primary seal that stops product from getting by. The PTFE rotor cups are designed to be the wearable part of the seal and repair kits are available. When a repair kit is needed it consists of two new PTFE split rotor cups and new split elastomer. It is designed to be purged with air 5 to 7 PSI over vessel pressure to keep rotating seal faces cool and free of material. The 9100 seal is easy to take apart, clean, and re-assemble for daily maintenance.



Seal Repair Kits

Air Pressure Regulators

Automatic Greaser

CIP Option available



The CinchSeal 9100 series is designed to

seal rotating shafts on meat blenders and

cookers used in the meat and poultry

processing industry. It can also be used

on ribbon blenders and paddle mixers

used in processing dry powder, semi-solid,

and slurry applications.


Purge Options

All CinchSeals should be purged with either plant air, nitrogen, or silicone grease. For best results, each seal should have an individual air regulator and not share. Air purging the seal creates a higher pressure inside the seal cavity which creates an air barrier that helps keep material inside the tank.



The CinchSeal 9100 series should not be installed on severely worn equipment. Damaged shafts or excessive float or misalignment should be corrected prior to installation. The seal must be mounted square to the shaft. Please refer to installation guide when mounting your seal.


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