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Los Angeles, California industries BIRS Machine & Supply is a distributor of Engineered Plastic sheet, plate, rod, tube & film. We offer engineered plastics cut-to-size, plastic fabrication, gear cutting, gasket cutting and swiss screw machining. We specialize is hard to find engineered plastics and composite materials and shapes.


Distributor of abrasives, band saws, bearings, bronze bushings, cable ties, carbide, chemicals & cutting fluids, conveyor components, cutting tools, engineered plastics, gaskets, gears, hanger bearings, heat shrink tubing, machinery, material handling, measuring tools, plant equipment, plastic components, power tools, power transmission products, pulleys, roller chain, router bits, safety products, saw blades, screw conveyors, Schaefer industrial fans & heaters, sheaves, spill kits, tool storage, welded chain, welding supplies and work holdings. We supplying our product line into markets including, aerospace, automotive, earth moving equipment, conveyor manufacturers, CNC machining, industrial suppliers, machine shops, machine builders, marine, metal fabricators, original equipment manufactures, plastic fabricators, welding shops and industries.


BIRS Machine & Supply distributor and fabricator of Engineered Plastics including: ABS, Acetal, Acetal Rod Cast, Acetal Glass-Filled, Acetal Carbon-Filled, Acetal ESD, Acetal ELS, Acetal C PE-Filled, Acetal Metal Detectable, Acetate Film, Acrylic, Acrylic Rod, Acrylic Tube, Bakelite®, Boatboard, Cast Nylon Natural, Cast Nylon Blue, Cast Nylon Aquanyl®, Cast Nylon MD, Cast Nylon Glass-Filled, Cast Nylon Self Lubricated Grey, Ceram P®, Ceram P® Rod, Cutting Board, CPVC, Co-Polymer Acetal, Cadco 1000, Delrin® 150, Delrin®100 AF 13%, Delrin® AF 20%, Delrin® 511p, Delrin® 527 UV, Delrin® 570, Delrin® DE588, DuraSkrim, ECTFE, Epoxyglas*, Epoxy Grades, Ertalyte®, Ertalyte® TX, ETFE, Extruded Nylon, FEP, FEP Roll Covers, FR1, FR2, FR4, FR5, FRP, Fiberglass, Fish Paper, Fluoropolymers, FDA Plastics, G3, G5, G7, G9, G10, G10/FR4, G11, G11/FR5, Glass Polyester, Glass Epoxy, Glass Cloth, Gardur® UHMW, GPO-1, GPO-2, GPO-3, Halar®, Hydlar Z®, Hydex®301, Hydex®202, Hydex®4101 PBT, Hanger Bearings, High Performance Plastics, High Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene Rod, HDPE, HDPE Rod, HDPE Cutting Board, HIPS, Impact Cast Nylon, Kel-F®, Key Words, Kydex®, Kynar®740, Kynar® 1000HD, Kynar® 2850, LDPE, LLDPE, LubX® Rod, Lexan®, Lexan® 3412R, Lexan® 3413R, Lexan® 3414R, Lexan®103UV, Lexan®104R, Lexan® Fabrication, Lexan® sheet, Lexgard®, Macor®, Melaglas*, Metal Detectable Plastic, MDPE, Micarta®, Mil Spec Materials, Mylar Film, Mylar® A Film, Mylar® D Film, Molydbenum Disulfied,  Nylon, MoS2, Nema Phenolic Grades, Neoflon®, NoloS®, Noryl® EN265, Noryl 30% Glass-Filled Rod, Nylon Transparent Clear, Nylatron® GSM, Nylatron® NSM, Nylatron® GSM Blue, Nylon MC901, MC907, Nylon Natural, Nylon MD, Nylon MD Rod, Nylon MD Gear Rod Stock, Nylon Blue HT, Nylon Moly Disulfide Rod, Nylon Moly Disulfide Sheet, Nylon MD Oil-Filled Black, Nylon Oil-Filled Food Grade, Nylon MD Oil-Filled Blue, Nylon Oil-Filled, Nylon ST, Nylon 6/6, Nylon 6/6 GF, Nylon 101, Nyloil®, Nylube®, Oilon®, Optiglass®, Oil Impregnated Hardwood, PA6, PAI, PBT, PC, PCTFE, PEAK, PEI, PEEK Grades, PEEK Unfilled, PEEK Bearing Grade, PEEK 100, PEEK 300, PEEK 525, PEEK 600, PEEK Glass-Filled, PEEK Carbon Filled, PEEK PTFE-Filled, PEEK-Mod, PEEK ESD Grade, PES, PET-P, PET Lubricated, PFA, Plastic Netting, Plastic Shim Stock, Phenofab*, Phenolkaft*, Phenolic, Phenolic Grade C, Phenolic Grade CE, Phenolic Grade L, Phenolic Grade LE, Phenolic Grade X, Phenolic Grade XX, Phenolic Grade XXP, Phenolic Grade XXX, Phenolic Grade XXXP, Polycarbonate Sheet, Polycarbonate MG, Polycarbonate Machine Grade Optical, Polycarbonate Anti-Static, Polycarbonate Film, Polyester Film rolls & sheets, Polyester PET, Polypropylene, Polypro Co-Polymer Rod, Polypro Homopolymer Rod, Polypro Glass-Filled, Polypro L-Angle, Polypro U-Channel, Polystyrene, Polysulfone, Polyurethane, PP, PPO, PPS, PPS Glass-Filled, PPS Bearing Grade, PPSU, PSU, PSU Glass-Filled, PTFE, PTFE Virgin, PTFE Mechanical, PTFE 25% Glass-Filled, PTFE Carbon-Filled, PTFE Mica-Filled, PTFE Bronze-Filled, PTFE Graphite-Filled, PTFE Stainless-Filled, PTFE Polyimide-Filled, PTFE Mineral-Filled, PTFE PPS-Filled, PTFE PEEK-Filled, PTFE Tape, PTFE Threaded Rod, PTFE Gaskets, PTFE Fabric, PTFE Bearing Tape, PTFE Molded Rod, PTFE Extruded Rod, PTFE Sheet, PTFE Tubing, PVC Expanded Foam, PVC Type 1 Sheet, PVC Type 1Rod, PVC Hollow Bar, PVC L-Shape, PVC Angle Profiles, PVC Square Bar, PVC Square Tube, PVC U-Channel, PVC Tube, PVC Hexagonal Bars, PVC Hex Rod, Polyvinylchloride, PVC Type II Rod, PVF, PVDF, Radel®, Radel® Glass-Filled, Rexolite®, Rubber Grade Products, Rulon®, Seaboard®, Silicone Laminate, Super Tough Nylon, Sustamid 6G, Teflon® Virgin, Teflon® Glass-Filled, Teflon® Bronze-Filled, Teflon® Carbon-Filled, Teflon® Graphite-Filled, Teflon® Stainless-Filled, Teflon Gaskets, Tefzel®, TEKSLIDE®, Tivar®, Tool Wrap, Torlon® 4203, Torlon® 4301, Torlon® 4275, Torlon® 4435,  Torlon® 4630, Torlon® 4645, Torlon® 5030, Torlon® 7130, Turcite®, Udel® PSU, UHMW Virgin, UHMW White, UHMW Rod, UHMW Sheet, UHMW Reprocessed, UHMW Hi-Temp, UHMW Anti-Static, UHMW Oil-Filled, UHMW Glass-filled, UHMW 88 Blue, UHMW Black, UHMW Natural, UHMW Green, UHMW Dark Green, UHMW Red, UHMW Orange, UHMW Yellow, UHMW Pink, UHMW Purple, UHMW Maroon, UHMW Royal Blue, UHMW Dark Blue, UHMW Grey, UHMW Brown, UHMW Tape, UHMW Wear Strip, UHMW Sprockets, UHMW Sheaves, UHMW Anti-Static Tape, UHMW MPG, UHMW Profiles, UHMW Molded Parts, UHMW Guide Rails, Ultem® 1000, Ultem® 2100, Ultem® 2200, Ultem® 2300, Ultem® 2400, Ultem® Carbon-Filled, Ultem® 4000 Bearing Grade, Ultem Glass-Filled, Urethane, Vekton®, Vespel®, Vinyl, Vinyl Door Strip, Vinyl Tubing, Vulcanized Fiber, Victrex®, Welding Rod, Xylethon®, Zelux®, Zytel® ST. We supply engineered plastic in sheet, plate, rod, tube, tubing, round bar, film, fabric, mesh, tape, cut to size, hollow bar, square bar, square tubes, rectangle bars, square hollow bars, angles, profiles, U-channels, hexagonal bars, wear strip, custom profiles, machined parts, fabricated parts, gears, cable ties, bushings, bearings, sheaves, pulleys, belt guides, channels, rollers, sprockets, molded parts, star wheels, spacers, wear pads.



Abrasives  -  Band Saw Blades  -  Carbide  -  Chemicals & Fluids  -  Cutting Fluids  -  Cutting Tools  -  Hand Tools  -  Machinery -  Material Handling  & Tool Storage  -  Measuring Tools  -  Plant & Safety Products  -  Power Tools  -  Power Transmission Products  -  Router Bits / Woodworking Tools  -  Workholdings



3M - Green Terminator - National Abrasives – Pearl Abrasives – Superior Abrasives



Arntz® - BACHO® - Starrett® - Sterling Saws



ALFA TOOL - ARNO USA - Dorian Tool – Fullerton Tool Co - GARR TOOL - Hannibal Carbide - KEO Cutter – Kyocera Precision Tool - Michigan Drill – Mitsubishi USA - Morse Cutting Tools – PROCUT® – Rapidkut® - Richards Micro Tool – Ultra-Dex USA - Viking Drill & Tool – YG-1 Cutting Tools - YMW Taps USA



Houghton International, ALFACHEM®, MegaCut®



Bearings - Bronze Bushings - Conveyor Components - Electric Motors - Hanger Bearings – Plastic Bushings - Plastic Components - Poly Hi Solidur Components - Roller Chain - Screw Conveyors - Sprockets - V-Belts - Wear Strip - Welded Steel Chain



Amana Tool – Southeast Tool – Vortex Tool



TE-CO Workholding, Raptor Workholding



Gasket Cutting - Gear Cutting - Gear Rack - Machine Guards - Plastic Machining – Plastic Fabrication - Screw Machining – Splines – Welding Plastics



Absorbents – Acrylic Boxes - Brillanize® Plastic Cleaner – Cable Ties – Custom Rubber – Garlock® - Heat Shrink Tubing - Lexan® Machine Guards - Mil Spec Plastics – Molded Plastic Parts - Thermoseal® - Schaefer Industrial Fans & Heaters - Silicone Sponge - Boss Work Gloves


BIRS Machine & Supply INC

12 Buckelew Bridge Road

Anniston, Alabama 36207

P: (256) 405-5370

F: (256) 831-9057



BIRS Machine & Supply is located in east Alabama just off Interstate I20 between Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. UPS Ground shipments to Los Angeles, California from Anniston, Alabama is a 5 day delivery. 

More than machining and fabrication...Superior Service!

BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
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