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B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply distributes Phenolic Canvas Grade C sheet, rod, tube and cut to



Phenolics are thermoset resins formed by the polymerization of phenol and formaldehyde, which can then be impregnated with cotton canvas or linen, paper, or glass cloth materials to form industrial laminates. Overall, industrial laminates are dense, strong and durable, moisture resistant, lightweight, and will not soften when heat is reapplied. Typically they have high mechanical and insulating properties.


Grade C Phenolic is made up of a mixture of phenolic resin and medium weave cotton cloth fabrics. This blend provides good wear resistance,  low moisture absorption, and good mechanical strength. However,

Grade C Phenolic is not typically recommended for electrical applications. Grade C Phenolic canvas base makes it stronger and more machinable than paper based phenolics, which makes it ideal for structural supports, piston rings, gears, spacers, and bearings. Grade C Phenolic is available in plate, sheet, rod, and tube. This product is also known Linen Phenolic, Micarta L, Bakelite. Garolite


Better impact strength than phenolic paper grades

Meets Mil-I-24768/16 -Type FBM

Meets LP 509 & MIL P 15035, Type FBM

For elctrical applications, use Grade CE, not Grade C

For mechanical applications such as gears, use Grade C, not Grade CE



  • Easy to machine

  • Low cost

  • Good wear resistance

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Good mechanical strength

  • Strong and stiff

  • High impact and compressive strength

  • Excellent moldability/stability

  • Good water and chemical resistance



  • Structural supports

  • Piston rings

  • Gears

  • Spacers

  • Bearing surfaces. 

  • Wear Pads

  • Wear strips

  • Scraper blades

  • Washers

  • Machine components

  • Spacers

  • Pulleys

  • Rollers

  • Guides



0.125", 0.187", 0.250", 0.312", 0.375", 0.500", 0.625", 0.750", 1.000", 1.125", 1.250". 1.375", 1.500", 1.750", 2.000", 2.500", 3.000", 4.000", 5.000"



B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply

12 Buckelew Bridge Road

Anniston, Alabama 36207

P: (256) 405-5370

F: (256) 831-9057



B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply is located in east Alabama just off Interstate I20 between Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. 


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B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply

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BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
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