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B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply is a distributor of PTFE Fluoropolymer TEKSLIDE

Series. Available in automatic molded custom bearings, compression molded

components, rods, tubes and sheets, extruded rods and tubes, skived tapes and

films, CNC machined parts, and swiss screw machined components.




TEKSLIDE G471 (Dark Red)

Standard TEKSLIDE bearing grade. Highest creep and abrasion resistant.


TEKSLIDE G461 (Yellow)

Lowest coefficient of friction of TEKSLIDE series. Excellent insulator.


TEKSLIDE G729 (White)

Widely used in the food process industry.


TEKSLIDE G453 (Black)

Very good operations in wet enviroments.


TEKSLIDE G412 (Dark Grey)

Good thermal and electrostatic dissipation.


TEKSLIDE G418 (Grey/Blue)

Excellent abrasion resistance.


TEKSLIDE G479 (Light Brown)

The best TEKSLIDE against aluminium surfaces.


TEKSLIDE G464 (Green/Blue)

Extensively used machine tool guide ways.


TEKSLIDE G488 (Green/Blue)

Extensively used machine tool guide ways.


TEKSLIDE G417 (Green/Blue)

Extensively used machine tool guide ways.


TEKSLIDE G548 (Green/Blue)

Extensively used machine tool guide ways.


TEKSLIDE G416 (Brown)

Used in guide ways and piston rings. Bronze filled PTFE compound.


TEKSLIDE G506 (Brown)

Guideways. Bronze Filled PTFE compound.


TEKSLIDE G458 (Brown)

Bronze filled compound used in pinson ring applications.


TEKSLIDE products are PTFE compounded grades used in the processing of tapes, bearing tapes and machined parts retaining the usual and well know conventional PTFE advantages improved at the same time by some enhanced properties:


  • Low coefficient of friction

  • High resistance and hardness

  • Low cold flow

  • Extreme temperature applications

  • Very high pressure resistance


TEKSLIDE products can be supplied etched in order to allow the most performing applications in the mechanical and other tribological fields.



  • Excellent performance in dry conditions at high PV values, the product of operating pressure and surface velocity. The PV value in dry conditions (max 20,000 psi-fpm) can widely overcome in case of lubricated applications.

  • Extremely low coefficient of friction static and dynamic

  • Extremely low stick-slip effect

  • Excellent wear resistance even in dry applications



  • Stable behavior at operating temperatures from -400 F to +500 F and for short time up to +536 F.

  • Dimensional stability

  • Excellent thermal dissipation capacity (specific grades)



  • Excellent chemical inertness

  • TEKSLIDE materials can operate in salt water, in steam environment or aggressive and corrosive chemical enviroments.

  • Good gas proof properties (specific grades)



According to different grades of TEKSLIDE materials the following properties can be enhanced:

  • Good dielectrical properties (insulation)

  • Excellent conductivity properties for anti-static applications



  • Extremely high PV and sliding behavior

  • High load compression resistance (radial/axial)

  • Low abrasion surface for applications on soft countersurfaces

  • Excellent vibration dampening and noiseless



  • Flexibility and fatigue stress resistance

  • Some of the TEKSLIDE materials are atoxic and excellent for food contact and food industry applications. 


B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply

12 Buckelew Bridge Road

Anniston, Alabama 36207

P: (256) 405-5370

F: (256) 831-9057



We are located in east Alabama just off interstate I20 between Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama.





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