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B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply distributor of UHMW-PE sheet and plate in a variety of

colors and specialty grades. 


UHMW-PE is ultra high molecular weight polyethylene that has exceptionally high

abrasion and impact resistance properties. UHMW-PE will outwear all other materials,

including metals, nylons, urethanes and fluoroplastics. In corrosion resistance, it has

the same qualities of other polyethylene plastics. UHMW resists wear, friction and

corrosion and thus it cuts maintenance costs, energy consumption and extends

equipment life. Applications for UHMW-PE materials include guide rails, wear plates,

wear strips, chain guides, conveyor fights, bin and hopper liners, chute liners, conveyor components, bumpers, and other wear applications.


UHMW-PE is 1/8 the weight of cold roll steel.







Dark Blue


Royal Blue







Dark Green







UHMW-PE Hi-Temp (275 degrees)

UHMW-PE Anti-Static


UHMW-PE Dry Flow

UHMW-PE Glass-Filled

UHMW-PE GF Lime Green

UHMW-PE Oil-Filled Gray

UHMW-PE Oil-Filled Brown 

UHMW-PE Blue 88 Wear

UHMW-PE Blue 88 Weldable


UHMW-PE Reprocessed



  • Excellent and economical general-purpose material

  • FDA Approved Virgin Grades

  • Reduces noise

  • Self-lubricating

  • Unique combination of wear and corrosion resistance

  • Low friction surface  

  • High impact strength

  • Resistant to chemical attack  

  • Does not absorb moisture

  • Retains key physical properties to -30° C

  • Very easy to fabricate and machine  




Shipping, Handling & Storing: Chain Guides, V-Roller Sleeves, Chute Liners, Discharge Gates, Chain Idlers, Chain Sprockets, Distributors, Fifth-Wheel Liners, Chain Wear Plates, Rollers, Gates, Yoke Wear Plates, Return Roller Sleeves, Belt Guides, Guides, Coupled Wear Plates.


Aggregate, Sand & Gravel Industries: Bucket Conveyors, Conveyor Belt Rollers, Filter Scrapers, Rope Guides, Shaker Screen Guides, Chain Guides, Belt Scrapers, Filter Wipers, Rope Pulleys, Filter Guide Shoes, Chain Wear Plates, Belt Wiper Blades, Idler Pulleys, Filter Liners, Wear Bars & Plates, Chain Sprockets, Filter Plates, Idler Rollers, Shaker Screen Bar, Wear Guides.


Farm Machinery: Belt Guide Rollers, Loader Liners, Chain Guides, Wiper Blades, Belt Idlers & Pulleys, Mixer Paddles, Conveyor Flights, Seals & Bearings, Flow Guides, Star & Bogey Wheels, Bushings & Bearings, Chain-Tensioning Blocks, Chutes & Hoppers, Chain Wear Plates, Sprockets.


Waste Water or Solid Waste Handling Industry: Bucket Liners, Bulk Conveyor Rollers, Wiper Blades, Chain Sprockets, Truck Liners, Hopper Liners, Scraper Blades, Conveyor Flights, Trailer Liners, Chutes, Compactor Surfaces, Drag Line Bucket Liners, Bin Liners, Sluices, Chain Wear Plate, Guide Rails.


Mineral & Ore Mining Industry: Guide Belt Scrapers, Chain Wear Plates, Guides & Skirt Boards, Belt Rollers, Scrapers & Wipers, Liners & Plates, Idlers & Pulleys, Conveyor Bucket Liners, Impact Pads & Bumpers, Sprockets, Agitators, Shoes & Tracks


Food & Beverage Handling: Bearing Blocks & Seals, Conveyor Guides, Mixer Liners, Bearing Shields, Bottle Plates, Belt Wipers, Chute Liners, Dough Bins, Mixer Paddles, Bottle Fillers, Bottle Re-Setter, Worm Screws, Cable & Chain Guides, Conveyor Rollers, Overhead Conveyor Wheels, Bottle Labeler, Bumper Blocks, Guards & Guides, Chain Wear Plates, Filter Press Plates, Tabletop Guides, Bottle Cappers, Rollers, Corner Plates.


Packaging Machinery: Air Conveyor Pipes, Bumper Blocks, Chain Wear Plates, Conveyor Guides, Glue Sealer Surfaces, Bearings, Cam Guides, Chute Linings, Conveyor Rollers, Hopper Linings, Bearing Blocks, Chain Covers, Chutes, Feed Screws, Guide Plates & Rails, Bearing Seals, Chain Guides, Conveyor Belt Wipers, Feeder Arm Tips, Rollers


Forestry Industry: Log Conveyor Lines, Chip Conveyor Liners, Chip Conveyor Flights, Guide Rollers, Bark Conveyor Liners, Chip & Bark Hoppers, Bumper Blocks, Pulp Paddles, Suction Box Covers & Liners, Wood Chip Hoppers, Trimmer Sticks, Chain Guides, Roller Bearings, Saw Guides, Conveyor Flights, Chutes, Doctor Blades, Idlers, Drag Flights, Sprockets


Coal Shipping, Storage, Machinery, Mining, & Preparation: Belt Conveyor Rollers, Conveyor Belt Scrapers, Bearings & Bushings, Filter Wipes, Chain Wear Plates, Conveyor Guide, Filter Guide Shoes, Froth Cell Liners, Shaft Protectors, Guides & Skirt Boards, Bucket Liners, Rail-Car Couplers, Belt Scrapers, Impact Pads, Hydraulic Seals, Filter Plates, Floats, Diffusers, Bin Liners, Wiper Rollers, Chute Liners, Wear Plates, Chain Guides, Chain Tensioning Blocks, Wear Bars, Scrappers, Screen Bars & Guides, Slurry Bars & Guides, Picking Belt Rollers, Idler Sleeves, Gate Guides, Hopper Gates, Guide Strips, Wiper Blades, Conveyor Wheels, Exhaust Nozzles, Flume Liners, Launder Lines, Scrappers Bearings, Rope Guides & Pulleys


Concrete Industry: Wiper Blades & Scrapers, Chain Wear Plates, Bunker Linings, Chain Sprockets, Chain & Wear Guides, Wear Bars & Plates, Conveyor & Idler Rollers, Rope Guides & Pulleys


UHMW-PE, the most abrasion resistant plastic, is resistant to a wide variety of harsh, chemically corrosive environments such as 80 sulfuric acid, 37% hydrochloric acid, concentrated caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and concentrated Clorox bleach (sodium hypochlorite). Aeration, Chemical, & Biological Treatment Industry: Valve Plugs & Seats, Pump Impellers, Pipe Fittings, Mixer Liners, Conveyor Augers, Valve Liners, Filter Plates, Tubing, Mixer Paddles, Flanges & Gaskets, Pump Housings, Filter Frames, Mixer Impellers, Doctor Blades, Level Indicator Floats, Gear Pump Gears, Filter Wiper Blades, Mixer Baffles, Feeder Chutes, Centrifuge Liners.


B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply Inc

12 Buckelew Bridge Road

Anniston, Alabama 36207

P: (256) 405-5370

F: (256) 831-9057



We are located in east Alabama between Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. Offering UHMW-PE in full sheets, wear strips, blocks, cut to size, rod, profiles, tubes, roller covers, round bar and custom machined components. Names for UHMW-PE: Tivar®, Polyslick®, Cadco® 1000, Polystone®Duravar®, Ramex and Duro-Glide®

B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply

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BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
BIRS Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
B.I.R.S. Machine & Supply
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